Laurence Equilbey and Insula orchestra’s release new CD

17 Sep 2015


On 18 September, Laurence Equilbey and Insula orchestra’s new CD will be released on the Archiv / Deutsche Gramophon label. This recording is a 3 CD set, featuring the full recording of the original Italian version (the “Vienna version” from 1762) of Gluck’s Orfeo ef Euridice in addition to extra music written by Gluck for later performances of his opera (the "Paris version" from 1774). It features counter tenor Franco Fagioli in Orfeo, Malin Hartelius in Euridice and Emmanuelle de Negri in Amore, together with the internationally acclaimed accentus choir.

Laurence Equilbey was on France Musique radio to present the new Orfeo CD. You can  listen to the show (in French) here: