About Wright Music Management

Welcome to Wright Music Management.

The nature of Artist Management, and of concert agencies generally, has changed radically in recent years.  The structure and work of WMM reflects these changes – and looks to the future.

Above all, what has become clear is that talented artists require increasingly personalised management, in order to encompass all the various areas of their evolving careers.  At the same time, in order to support and deliver recent and future developments in these areas, an agency must offer the widest range of services possible.

And so, at WMM, our work and strategy reflect all of this: we look after a small group of artists worldwide – from a number of the finest representatives of the younger generation, through to experienced and established artists at the peak of their careers – whilst at the same time providing them with a full complement of ‘in-house’ services, including:

•    Orchestral touring
•    Project creation and management
•    Promotional and marketing films
•    Digital media services
•    Social media strategy and management
•    Our own CD & DVD label
•    Consultancy services to orchestras and musical institutions

As you will see, our mission at Wright Music Management is to reflect and fulfil all the needs of the contemporary classical artist.