Dylan Corlay returns to Finland

Since winning the Jorma Panula conducting competition in 2015, Dylan Corlay has become very popular with Finnish orchestras. On 9 November he conducts the Joensuu City Orchestra in a varied and exciting programme of works by Gounod, Fauré, Sibelius and Hugi Gudmunsson. The bright tones of Gounod’s Petite Symphonie and Sibelius’s Cassazione and the playfulness of Fauré’s Masques et Bergamasques contrast sharply with the dark Icelandic landscapes of Gudmundsson’s Alkul, a concerto for kantele and string orchestra commissioned by the soloist, Eva Alkula. Dylan Corlay will conduct the Finnish premiere on 9 March. Further information about the concert can be found here.

Photo Credit: Korsholm Music Festival 2016 / Johan Hagström